The Using guidance of VIVO After-sales assistant tool SDA


The Using guidance of After-sales assistant tool SDA


售后支持助手SDA检测项使用指导(V01) 1

一、概述 Summarize: 2

二.使用步骤Use steps: 2

1.安装SDA工具Install SDA tools: 2

2.连接电脑Connect the computer 3

3.检测手机Test the phone: 5

4.工具设置(Tools Options) 6

5.查看“帮助”View the “Help” 8

三、各检测项功能介绍The introduction of each detection function 8

1. 基础检测 basic check 8

2、系统异常system exception 10

3、应用异常 app crash 11

4、手机发热Phone heat 和手机耗电Phone powerusage 12

5、器件自助检测device self check 15

6、器件交互检测device interactive check 15

一、概述 Summarize:

售后诊断助手SDA是专门针对vivo 公司android4.0以上的机器适配的一个检测、诊断型的工具。对难以重现的一些问题,通过检测出手机曾经出现过的异常,给维修人员提供参考,并给出处理建议(温馨提示)。

SDA is a testing & detecting tool for system above android 4.0, specially of vivo phone. Some hard-to-reproduce bugs can be detected by using SDA tool. It can give adviceor prompt to service engineer.

二.使用步骤Use steps:

1.安装SDA工具Install SDA tools:


Double-click the package,choose the language,then click it follow the notes .

2.连接电脑Connect the computer


Before connecting,the”connect button”is open as follow pictures,please open the USB connects(call *#*#7777#*#*–open the USBdebugging)


Clickthe “Connect”,when it had connected,it will show as below:

*如出现无法连接的问题If the tools connection failed,please do as follow:

a.请拨*#558—打开端口调试尝试;Please call *#558#—Quality verification—open the “Debugging port”


Checkthe vivo driver is fine, if it is not ok,you can try install” vivo_usb_driver”.


Before use SDA,please the AFTool has been installed and approved in your PC.

3.检测手机Test the phone:

根据客户描述的问题,选择相应的测试项目。Choose the test program as customer description.

例如:客户反馈第三方应死机、卡顿等,可以勾选”app crash——third app anr”

For example:The customer complain the third app anr,you can click the“system stability——third app anr”

点击Check,测试完毕后,右边界面会出现测试结果, 工具可以侦测手机至少一周内出现的异常。在检测结果区域,双击检测项,右侧匹配的解决方案自动将置为开头位置。

Click the “Check”,the right of interface will have the result,the tool can detect problems in the last week at least. In the detection result area, double click the detection item, and the right match solution will automatically be set to the beginning position.


After maintenance,you also can test the whether had been repaired or not by this function.

4.工具设置(Tools Options)


We can set the type and interface language by opening “Tools–Opitions”as below:


选择SDA Type,可以选择工具版本:内销或者外销

Choose SDA Type,we can choose Domestic or Overseas:


Choose Language,can choose the interface language of tool:China or English:

5.查看“帮助”View the “Help”


Please choose the “Help” which is on the right-top of interface(or enter F1)at first when you have a problem:


三、各检测项功能介绍The introduction of each detection function

1. 基础检测 basic check


To some hard-to-reproduce bugs, the anomaly problem had found through cloud detection, it can provide reference to maintenance personnel, Currently testing content is as follows:

1.1手机ROOT:Phone root


The system will be unstable after root,ex:unexpect hang、reboot、crash and so on,please flash the system to the official version.

1.2~1.4系统空间/可用、手机存储/可用、内存信息/可用system space/free、phone storage/free、ram/free


The phone needs conduct regular cleaning.If the available space is less than 300M,please clear the not commonly used apps or file.(With U disk model machines need to clean up the space from the installer, MTP mode can be directly clean “mobile storage space to release space”).After regular cleaning, help mobile phone performance boost.)

1.5 开机自启动软件检测auto boot soft


If the auto boot soft is too more,it increase power consumption, fever, and suggest according to the prompt to shut down.

1.6 第三方安全管理软件The third secure soft


Try to minimize third-party security management software, try to use the official

1.7 IMEI 码检测:用来确定是否对该主板IMEI写的原始IMEI码还是其他,若是原始IMEI码,建议重新烧写。

IMEI check:it is used for check whether the IMEI had been change,If it is wrong,please rewrite the original IMEI.

1.8 手机系统新版本检测Phone new version check


Check the system of phone is the lastest or not,if not,please update it.

2、系统异常system exception

2.1 系统内核重启(可能跟硬件主板相关)kernel restart(maybe related to MB board)




Kernel restart is abnormal.If the tool detected more than 5 times, And if the phone had repaired many times, there is issue in the MB,please change the MB. kernel is Android’s underlying service, that make Android System running stable. Under normal circumstances, kernel is stable.

when kernel occur exception,the phone will Screen Blackout and reboot. phenomenon:Screen Blackout when the phone is using. This can distinguish your phone’s software and hardware what is stable or not.

(1)Maybe underlying service occur exception; (2)or not stable hardware CPU/memory/EMMC lead to. Please fastboot when customer feedback firstly. If the user reported this problem again with it occurring over 4 times per week, then it might be a hardware problem. please replace mainboard.

2.2 系统上层重启(只跟软件相关,重启时间较短10s左右)

SWT(Only relate to software,Restart time is short about 10s)



SWT is relate to software normaly,need to update software or flash system.

System service is some services that run on Android kernel。These services are also stable.

This service occur exception will not lead to your phone reboot. Phenomenon : the phone stuck and enter VIVO interface, but not enter Lock screen.This can distinguish your phone’s software what is stable or not. This is nothing to do whit hardware.

(1) Maybe the system service occur exception, (2) or third app called system service illegally.

Uninstall some third APP that can lead to exceptuion, or fastboot to newest software version.

2.3系统文件完整性system file integrity


This point is for testing the EMMC which is similar to the hard disk of our computer. If it test fail, please try to flash system;And if the phone had repaired many times,please change the MB board.

3、应用异常 app crash

    1. 第三方应用卡屏/卡慢Respond slowly/jammed of third party apps


Apps jammed is a kind of abnormal situation,the performance is that phone interface card is dead for a period of time. And press the home key, it will become OK.

If the reason is from the third-part apps, please update the apps or download them from the official website.If it is still fail, please flash the phone.(Note:If there is no problem, it will not reflect the result )

    1. 第三方应用停止运行the third app crash:


App crash,please suggest customer update apps to the lastest version.If the reason is from the third-part apps, please update the apps or download them from the official website.If it is still fail, please flash the phone.(Note:If there is no problem, it will not reflect the result )


The above two points, the user will take them as a mobile phone system problem, that is actually any abnormal behavior of third party applications, we need to explain to the user,our business will communicate with the third party applications, urgethem to modify the optimization.

3.3-3.4系统应用闪退/停止运行和系统应用卡屏/卡慢system app crash and anr


It is built-in exceptions of system.Need to update software or flash system.

4、手机发热Phone heat 和手机耗电Phone powerusage


It check the temperature,please refer to the 《维修常见问题处理流程》

401此项增加了历史温度检测。401 this item increases the historical temperature test.


The historical temperature curve shows the temperature change in one day, the abscissa is the time, the ordinate is the temperature.

日期选择 Date selection

温度曲线切换 Temperature curve switching


Click the battery temperature (motherboard temperature) button to choose whether to display the battery temperature curve, in which the green curve corresponds to the motherboard temperature, and the blue curve corresponds to the battery temperature. Red line is the warning line of whether the temperature is too high.


Message P is the package name for the use of CPU, C, WK for the period of time to lock (s),

WR for the period WIFI received data (KB), WT for the period of the data sent by WIFI (KB),

MR mobile data reception amount period (KB), MT mobile the amount of data sending period (KB),G to use the GPS cycle length, a for the moment whether the playback of audio.

历史温度建议 Historical temperature suggestion


When the temperature is above the warning line and the day temperature is above the warning line, we list more resources and usage of resources, and give corresponding suggestions.


It check the temperature,please refer to the 《维修常见问题处理流程》

5、器件自助检测device self check


External sdcard check、EMMC check、PA check all are hardware check,it can detect whether the device is normal.If it is fail,please change the hardware.

CPU稳定性&RAM稳定性 CPU&RAM stability


Test the stability of CPU&RAM, if test fail, please change mb board.



1)查看手机Android版本,打开手机依次选择:设置 –>更多设置–>关于手机Android版本


PA check need to manually restart and confirm the closure of FTM mode (only high-pass platform), the specific closure:

1) Check the Android version of the phone, open the phone and select: Settings -> More Settings -> About phone Android version

  1. Android 6.0.1 及以下的版本

2) Android 6.0.1 and below


After the SDA test is completed, restart manually, as follows:


About 10 seconds after the phone restarts, there will be a prompt box to close the FTM mode, as shown below:

Click the close FTM mode button in the popup box and click the button below:


At this point to prove that FTM mode did not shut down, select the following close button to close the FTM mode, the phone will automatically restart after shutdown, as shown below:

  1. Android 6.0.1以上的版本

3) Android 6.0.1 above

Restarting the phone manually after the test ends the FTM mode automatically and no other action is required.

6、器件交互检测device interactive check

这些检测项都是硬件检测项。All the test item are used for checking the hardware.

器件交互检测需要测试人员人工判定正常与否后,手动在手机点击确认,结果会在PC端上呈现出来。The device interaction check requires that the tester manually determine the phone is normal or not, and then manually click on the phone to confirm that the result will be displayed on the PC.

*以上项目中CPU stability/RAM stability/system file integrity/kernel panic/device self check/device interactive check这6项是检测硬件问题,其余都是针对软件问题检测。This 6 parts are used for testing hardware as below,others are for software.